D and D Automotive Performance can service and repair your vehicle’s brakes and clutch. For secure, unwrinkled and quieter driving.

We are the specialist when it comes to brake and clutch repairs and maintenance. Our workshop equipped with the latest and modern brake repair equipment operated only by qualified and skilled mechanics.

Our brake Service includes:

  • Replacement of brake pads (Budget or premium, tailored to your budget)

  • Inspect caliper’s, and service slides

  • Check wheel bearings and adjust as necessary

  • Road test vehicle and check brake operation

  • Clean disc rotors and inspect for wear/run-out

  • Test and top up brake fluid

Our Clutch Services include:

  • Clutch component replacements on front and rear wheel drive vehicles

  • Clutch bearing replacement

  • Clutch Master Cylinder and slave cylinder or Clutch cable (as applicable)

  • Clutch and pressure plate replacement

  • Flywheel inspection (machine or replace as required)